Beth Israel Congregation is an inclusive synagogue, a center of worship, learning, culture and community that connects Judaism to our lives in today's world.


    Beth Israel feels alive, vibrant, relevant and evolving, while rooted in the tradition and history that make Judaism strong. It is a place where Judaism is taken seriously and practiced earnestly and where interpretations of Torah, texts and Jewish traditions from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives are welcomed and debated. Beth Israel is proud of its long history as the center of Jewish life in the Mid-coast region. We are a nourishing place where people learn, study, question, observe, and connect with God and community.


    • Beth Israel is a welcoming and accessible Jewish congregation for people of all ages, races, religious and ethnic backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities.
    • We reach out and work together to provide deeply engaging educational experiences for our children, youth, and adults to inspire Jewish spiritual and intellectual growth across the generations.
    • We are committed to studying Torah, to maintaining our sacred tradition, and to embracing diversity of Jewish thought, expression, and practice.
    • We are a congregation that engages in ongoing service to the larger community.
    • Our strength comes from celebrating, growing, grieving, and healing together through all seasons of life in a climate of mutual respect and shared responsibility.