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Sunshine Committee

The Sunshine Committee's mission is to help members of the Beth Israel Congregation through periods of difficulty and to celebrate during times of joy. We strengthen our community through acts of mitzvah.

Here are some of the activities we are offering. Please feel free to make suggestions.

  • We will send cards for various occasions such as welcoming new members, births, bar and bat mitzvah, get well, graduations, sympathy and loss. Please email the Sunshine Committee at sunshine@bethisraelbath.org if you know of an event and an appropriate card from the Congregation will be sent.

  • Sometimes, a meal or two is needed during times of illness, recuperation or the arrival of a new baby. Food, fresh or frozen, can be delivered to congregation member's home.

  • We will welcome new members to our community with the delivery of a gift basket.

  • If you are unable to drive and need a ride to a medical appointment, shopping, or errands, the Sunshine Committee will help.

  • Need a visit in the hospital, nursing home or just at home alone? The Sunshine Committee will help.

  • When a family member or loved one dies, it can be overwhelming to know what to do. Call on the Sunshine Committee to help with organizing and coordinating shiva.

We will be relying on congregation members to notify the Sunshine Committee of any needs or actions they know about for the Committee to follow up on. Please email the Sunshine Committee at sunshine@bethisraelbath.org.

When you join, you will be included in any messages that go out asking for help. When you are able to help, you respond to a request. When you are not available or unable to help, you will not need to respond.

The current committee members are Peggy Brown, Crissy Swartz, Jill Standish, Theresa Gandler, Lorna Lichter and Pauline Haller.

Other committees


building committee

Marty Fox, Chair

The Building Committee oversees the maintenance of the synagogue at 862 Washington Street and the Minnie Brown Center at 906 Washington Street.


Cemetery committee

Stan Lane, Chair

The Cemetery Committee oversees the purchasing of cemetery plots.


Chai committee

Marilyn Weinberg, Chair

Chai oversees the organization of services and programs for Shabbat/holidays and organizes onegs for the year.


Social Action Committee

Joanne Rosenthal, Chair

Deborah Smyth, Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program Coordinator

In Jewish tradition, we are encouraged to pursue tikkun olam (repairing the world). There is so much we can do together to help repair our world, and our collective voices are important and powerful.