The Beth Israel cemetery is located on Oak Grove Avenue in Bath. Beth Israel members are eligible to purchase rights to be interred in the cemetery. All funeral services shall be conducted in the Jewish tradition.

The Jewish Cemetery consists of ninety-six burial spaces. The Synagogue controls and distributes the burial rights for the burial spaces located in the Jewish Cemetery even though the actual ownership of the land occupied by the Jewish Cemetery remains part of the Bath Municipal Cemetery and is owned by the City of Bath. The plot purchase includes the right be buried in the cemetery and to have perpetual care of the burial space performed by the City of Bath Department of Parks and Cemeteries. Burial costs, which are not included in the purchase, are set by the Director of the City of Bath Department of Parks and Cemeteries and will be due at the time of a funeral.

For planning purposes it is our hope that you will carefully consider now what your family's future need for burial space will be and that you will purchase the appropriate number of burial space rights.

For more information contact Stan Lane.

You may wish to visit the cemetery site. Here are the directions from the intersection of Oak Grove Avenue, North Street and Lincoln Street:

  • Turn on Oak Grove Ave, past twin stone cemetery pillars (on your left - the pillars mark an entrance to the Cemetery which is NOT the one you want), and then past a small pond (also on your left) until the first dirt road on the left after the pond. (0.7 miles). Turn left onto the dirt road and into the cemetery.
  • Turn immediately left onto the next dirt road and stop about 100 feet ahead, at the Jewish Cemetery, which is on your left.

Cemetery By-Laws

Google Maps directions to Beth Israel Congregation Cemetery